Top 5 Must-See Spots on Your Trip to Parramatta

The trip to Parramatta is definitely worth the effort, as there are more things to do here than in any other destination in Australia. The accommodation facilities in Parramatta are best in the city, with many having up to four star rating. Travel: There are direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Parramatta, from Tuesday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday, there are domestic flights from Perth and Alice Springs.

Trip to Parramatta

Food: One can never have enough of pasta, burgers, kebabs, and fried pies. The cuisine of Australia is world renowned; and the cuisine of Parramatta embraces all these tasty dishes. Travel: There are direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to Parramatta, from Tuesday to Thursday. From Friday to Sunday, there are domestic flights from Perth and Alice Springs. From Sydney, there are daily flights to Cairns, from Monday to Friday.

sights: Parramatta is located next to the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Central Business District. It is also home to the stately Symonds Street Church and the Harbor Bridge, which connect Parramatta to the Coffs Coast. The spectacular harbor bridge offers a spectacular view of the harbor and the sparkling blue waters of the Sydney Harbor. It is also home to the award winning Opera House.

Things to Do: The coastal area of Parramatta is home to a number of adventure activities, which includes surfing, sailing, fishing, boating and windsurfing. The most famous among these activities is surf boarding, which is a popular sport in Australia. However, there are several other exciting activities available in this scenic area. It is possible to have a golf tour on the coastal area of Parramatta, which includes a visit to the historic and National Park Winery. Travelers who visit to Parramatta should also try out the various water sports available here.

George Street is renowned for its lively nightlife and shopping. This area is also known as “world’s smallest shopping mall.” Parramatta park is a great place for children to have fun, as it has numerous amusement parks, arcade centers and museums. The George Street Grounds, which is located near the park, has a variety of shops and cafes. Lovers of vintage clothing will find many clothing stores in George Street, which is operated by the historic George Street Shops.

Archibald Hall is a beautiful country pub that is well worth a visit, while The Argyle Clubhouse is another pub in the area. There is no doubt that if you have a love for history, you will be drawn to the nearby national museum, the national archives, the historical societies and the universities of Sydney and Australia. The local restaurants in Parramatta include venues such as the Argyle Restaurant and Bar andava Restaurant. There are plenty of places to purchase unique gifts for your loved ones back home, while you enjoy your Trip to Parramatta.