Trip to Stari Grad and Croatian Seaside Islands

A Trip to Stari Grad in Croatia is a great getaway to experience Europe. Croatia is a small, landlocked country situated in the Adriatic sea off the coast of Montenegro. This slice of paradise is a great destination for both long weekend getaways and short excursions. Because Croatia is a small country, there are a variety of different ways to travel from town to town as well as traveling on the road.

Trip to Stari Grad

One way to travel within the country is by taking a one or two-day flight to Dubrovnik and connecting by train to Kvarner, the capital of Croatian islands. This short trip gives you a chance to experience a unique, older world charm. The cost of a one day flight to Dubrovnik is about $125, which includes all airport transfers and meals. With a little more planning, you can include the hotel stay into your trip, which would shave quite a bit off of your total vacation costs.

Another way to travel to and through Croatia is by taking a one or two day trips aboard an intercity train from Kvarner, the capital of Croatian islands, to Hvar, a picturesque mountain resort that overlooks the Adriatic sea. By combining this train ride with a two or three day cruise down the Dalmatian coastline, you get to experience the true diversity of Croatian natural beauty and serenity. The cruise provides an excellent view of the surrounding landscape, which is especially beautiful in the summer months. On your way to Hvar, you will stop in Split and continue along the coast until you arrive in Kvarner. From there, you can travel to nearby towns like Kornati, Kvarner, Sibenik, Pula, Crikvenica, and other Croatian islands. You will return to Kvarner aboard the Dalmatian express.

Hvar is a great destination for nature lovers, because it offers a wide variety of activities and sightseeing opportunities. While there, you will likely want to spend at least one night sampling the local entertainment, which ranges from typical tourist spots to more challenging activities including hiking and kayaking through the forest. A one or two day trip also gives you the chance to explore the natural beauty of Croatia’s Adriatic coastline, with stops in towns like Crikvenica and Sibenik.

For those who enjoy mountain hiking, a one or two day trip to Dubrovnik and back is a great way to combine a holiday full of sun and fresh air with a taste of adventure and the rich flora and fauna of southern Croatia. From Dubrovnik, you can drive to Kvarner and then take a train back to Kvarner. Alternatively, a day trip would allow you to get to and from Sibenik on the Dalmatian coast by boat, taking you right into Kvarner. If you don’t like the idea of driving, you can ride a horse or take a cab to Kvarner, but the scenery is not the best in Croatia and you are unlikely to find many people doing so.

For an even more unique experience, you may wish to take part in a split floating trip from Kvarner to Dubrovnik. This takes you on a journey along the sea bed, and allows you to see one of the few authentic cities in Europe – Dubrovnik. While on this excursion you will enjoy a wide selection of sites, including the old city, the national museum, the marina, and the sea kayaking excursion. If you are brave, you may even decide to paddle your way between these sites. This excursion may be an easier one to plan because it is split into two separate legs; if you find yourself feeling too busy to keep up with the leg one, you just pick up where you left off and head back to Dubrovnik.