What to See on Your Trip to Kutjevo

Trip to Kutjevo

What to See on Your Trip to Kutjevo

Dubbed as the “Land of the Gods”, the beautiful city of Kutjevo is the perfect holiday destination for an unlimited number of tourists. Kutjevo is situated on the river Vltava and is considered to be the oldest wine cellar in the entire Croatia. The city is a feast for the eyes with plenty of historical buildings and monuments, great shopping centers and fantastic hotels. Among the must-visit tourist destinations of Croatia, Kutjevo deserves its due mention as it attracts thousands of tourists every year.

While travelling from the airport, you can take a train from Dubrovnik to Kutjevo. From there, you will be able to reach the most beautiful city in the region. Kutjevo is home to many magnificent landmarks and ancient monuments. Travelling to the northern part of the city will lead you to the best tasting wines in the world and at the same time, you will also experience some of the most exciting shopping experiences. Apart from that, the most appealing tourist attractions in the region include the Stone Table, the oldest wine cellar in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea shoreline.

Stone Table lies in a corner of the city and offers an awesome view of the Adriatic coastline. It was formed in the 8th century during the time when the Croatian city of Kutaj was being established. The beautiful and interesting stone table stands at thirty metres and has numerous rooms which have been purposely decorated to give visitors a breathtaking view of the surrounding scenery. In order to explore the many chambers of the Stone Table, visitors are not required to go into the wine cellar. There are several delightful shops located near the Stone Table and you will be able to buy delicious local and international dishes and souvenirs.

The Adriatic shoreline is also one of the most popular tourist attractions in this region. Kutjevo is only ten kilometres from Venice and the first thing that will come into your mind after taking a trip to Kutjevo is its picturesque setting. Most visitors come here on a holiday and stay in a villa with swimming pool, making their trip to Kutjevo unforgettable. If you love water sports, then the Adriatic coastline can provide you with the perfect setting for your next outdoor trip. There are many beach resorts in this area and you will be able to spend a number of hours in the cool sea breeze, swimming and relaxing on the beaches.

Adriatic wine is also very famous and many tourists travelling to Kutjevo come here for a taste of the best Italian wine. The wine is known for its unique colour and bouquet and many people also appreciate its flavour. One of the most beautiful things about Italian wine is that you can purchase it off the vine and also have it delivered to your doorstep. Many vineyards also offer tastings and it is up to you whether you want to make the journey to Adriatic wine country and try the wines or simply enjoy them straight away in your home town.

The beautiful mountains that surround Kutjevo make this region an ideal base for a number of hiking trails. If you are travelling with children, then there are many places that are suited for climbing and picnicking. There are also a number of fantastic beach resorts that can be visited during your trip to Kutjevo. All these facilities make it easy for families and couples alike to enjoy their trip to the fullest.