A Trip to Pano Lefkarata

If you are looking to book some cheap holiday accommodation in Cyprus, the town of Pano is the place to be. Located right in the heart of Cyprus, the town of Pano is known for its delightful and laid back atmosphere. And it’s not just your break that is so enjoyable; you will also find yourself drawn to this lovely town because of the many attractions it has to offer.

Trip to Pano Lefkara

When you visit Pano Lefkarata you don’t have to worry about parking, as there are plenty of hotels and even self-catering Cyprus apartments with free parking where you can park your car for the night. How nice is that? If you’re staying in Pano Lefkara on a longer vacation or an extended stay, those parking charges can really add up.

However, when you book a Pano Lefkara villa with plenty of free parking, convenience is simply a stone’s throw away. You will no longer have to worry about remembering to park your car. That’s because there are plenty of free attractions in Pano Lefkara that you can easily explore. There are plenty of museums to choose from, including the wonderfully preserved Hellenistic and Roman ruins, the exquisite mosaic artwork depicting Cyprus throughout the ages and the National Archaeological Museum which houses one of the largest collections of classical antiquities in the world. In addition to all these attractions, there’s another great reason to book a Pano Lefkara Cyprus hotel with plenty of free parking – exercise! Even if you’re staying on the ground floor of a two-story home, with all the amenities, you will still be doing plenty of walking and hiking.

As you trek throughout the island, you will notice plenty of signs that tell you to stop at waterfalls, temples, markets, museums and archaeological sites. While you’re doing all this walking and hiking, you will be sure to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, breathtaking sunsets and an almost endless sea of green fields, mountains and valleys. It’s easy to become lost in this landscape, so take advantage of the signs that direct you to places to visit. The Lefkarata Island Hotel provides guided tours of the island as well as hotel accommodations that allow you to leave your car behind while touring the island.

As part of your exploration of Pano Lefkarata, you might want to take the time to visit some of the local markets and restaurants that are located along the beach. Pano is known for its fresh seafood, and the locals in the area to prepare it fresh each day by bringing in the day’s catch to market. Try the fresh fish and chips, prawns, squid and octopus. The octopus is the most popular, but there are plenty of other fresh seafood delicacies that are found only on Pano. If the markets aren’t enough to sample while on your trip, try the restaurants themselves: there are plenty of wonderful restaurants serving amazing Mediterranean cuisine.

The last day of your trip to Lefkarata, plan to head to the forest reserve and hike the trail to the falls. Once you reach the falls, be prepared to admire the landscape below. The trails wind around the island and take you closer to the serenity of the forest canopy. After you have had enough of the hiking, enjoy the lovely atmosphere of the town of Pano.