Travel to Abbottsford, BC


British Columbia scenery

Travel to Abbottsford, BC

Travel to Abbotsford, British Columbia and enjoy a scenic trip around the breathtaking Okanagan. The unique landscape of this district is best seen in the winter, when the snow gives way to the beautiful mountain peaks. Travel to Abbotsford and stay at one of the many Holiday Inn Express Canada outlets. This is a popular winter attraction that attracts visitors from across Canada and the United States. The resort offers a wide variety of accommodations, from lodges and camping grounds to hotel rooms and inns that can easily be booked online.


The travel to Abbottsford is best done during the spring, which is the most abundant season in the region. At this time, the Okanagan boasts significant rainfall, which brings with it some of the best scenery in Canada. The spring and summer seasons in the Okanagan are considering the peak season for travel to Abbottsford. Because of the significant rainfall, travelling from town to town during these times is much less expensive than travelling during other months. In fact, it is possible to save money while still experiencing all the wonderful attractions that the area has to offer.


When looking for accommodation options in Abbottsford, one needs to keep in mind that the town is busier than the rest of the region. Therefore, it is important to book accommodations as early as possible, especially if travelling from the US. The first thing to consider when booking accommodations in Abbottsford is the availability of a place to sleep. If travellers are looking for a more affordable option, they can book a room at a popular motel, which is just one mile away from the sandy beaches of Abbottsford Bay. However, if the travellers intend to visit the sights, monuments, and beaches that Abbottsford is known for, then a more expensive hotel or motel is probably the better choice.


One of the main ways that people get around Abbottsford is by utilizing either the Washington State Ferries or the Seattle Seaport. These can take visitors directly to the ferry that takes you to Mukitup, while the seaport bus service will bring visitors to the Kitsap piers. Either way, tourists will be able to board a bus that leaves from either Mukitup or Seattle and arrive in their destination area. While both types of buses will take visitors to and from Mukitup, the Mukitup bus is the more popular option, especially at weekends.

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The other means of travel in Abbottsford is via the railway line that links Mukitup to Seattle. Although many people believe that this is the fastest way to travel, it is actually the most expensive. Once aboard the train, passengers can proceed to the Kitsap piers and board a train that will take them to Vancouver. However, there are also charter buses in this area that will take visitors to the ferry that will take them to Mukitup, as well as the Kitsap piers. Finally, the railway service provides a means for tourists to get to the British Columbia Highways via the trail system.


In addition to the Mukitup ferry, the Kitsap piers, and the railway, there is also an underground tunnel system that runs between the ferry terminal and the highlands. When the tunnel was built, it provided a connection for the British Columbia Railway Company’s electric railway. Today, the tunnel serves as a parking garage. One train per day, two cars can be dropped off and stored here. Visitors are welcome to drop off one car and walk out the other end into the wild wonderland of British Columbia.